Introducing Us!

Hello, welcome to our book blog, there are three of us on the eccentric trilogy team, so here's a little about each of us. Feel free to select one of us to review your book if you feel someone suits your writing style the most.
Hello, lovely readers and writers! My name is Shani and like my other wonderful friends, I have an unhealthy obsession with English literature and writing.
I've always loved reading and I've been reading for as long as I can remember, as cliché as that sounds, but it has always been my one solace in life. I'm currently in year 13 at Sixth form, studying English Literature, Creative Writing, and Photography at A Level. I would like to be an author or perhaps a playwright when I'm older, and I've been writing from an early age. I used to sit there for hours and hours, writing until my wrist ached!
Writing and reading is honestly the most important thing to me and my initial plan is to go to University to complete an English literature and Creative Writing degree. Some of my favourite authors include Cassandra Clare (The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, and Lady Midnight), Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass series and A Court of Thorn and Roses series), Brittany Cavallaro (A Study in Charlotte and The last of August), Rick Riordon (Percy Jackson series), J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter series), Phillip Pullman (His Dark Materials), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes), William Shakespeare (I'm sorry but how can you be an English student and not like Shakespeare?), Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice) and recently Pat Barker (Regeneration series) who's novel I am studying in English. I love Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Historical - Fiction and Classic literature, so my reviews will most likely focus on these types of literature. I have so many tropes that I dislike in literature, but my main pet peeve is love triangles. They are so unnecessary and they don't move the plot along whatsoever! Love triangles need to be stopped. If I'm not doing school work, reading, or writing, then I'm either watching Netflix, blogging, or attempting to learn French. I also have my own BookTube channel which Heather and Lydia will probably feature on in the future, and my own Instagram account where I take photos of the books I am currently reading or have recently read and I put up a small review about them. I really hope you all enjoy our blog and we will try to post as regularly as we can, however we are full time students so this blog will mainly be in our spare time!

Hiya, I’m Heather and if the book blog thing didn’t spoil it for you we love reading!
Being a naturally quiet kid, I’ve always taken comfort in the worlds between the pages. In primary school, I remember being adamant that unique was a word in a creative writing lesson after being challenged by my teacher that I had made it up, winning a reading contest aged 6 and actually spending quiet reading time reading. My childhood favourite was The Magic Hare, an enchanting collection of stories about (you guessed it) a magic hare that gallivanted around on his adventures with witches, giants, hiccuping princes and queens and kings. Throughout primary school, I became fascinated with fantasy, adoring the chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Phillip Pullman’s Dark Material especially. Though I also recall absorbing excessive amounts of Enid Blyton, which probably stemmed my love of detective fiction, particularly that of M.C. Beaton, Agatha Christie, Alexander McCall Smith and much more.
I’ve recently grown fond of Keats’ poetry and the writing of Virginia Woolf, anything psychological will usually intrigue me as humans are peculiar things! As someone studying sociology at A Level (alongside English Literature and maths), I enjoy dystopian and feminist novels to dig into how our society could differ. I like some romance, but, like Shani, will be not impressed by any ‘oh no, two attractive people are in love with me, how tragic’ thing… probably more because I’m bitter about this never happening to me. As I said earlier, fantasy, crime and psychological novels I always look forward to reading, comedies and historical novels are also wonderful. We read most genres though so if your book is something we haven't mentioned (except 'graphic' romances), then there’s always a chance I’ll read it if time allows me to do so, I have an unrealistic goal of going to university to pursue English Literature further so am attempting to expand my horizons.
I’m obsessed with symbolism and deep analysis, for instance did you know that heather is symbolic for luck? In my spare time, I do pastel paintings, read, stress-bake and look after my beautiful bunny Tilly. Like my lovely co-bloggers, I write, but I tend to keep my writing private, so you’ll only see book reviews from me on here!

Hello the wonderful people of the Internet! My name is Lydia Halsey and I am one of the three admins of this blog. The blog has been up and running since June 2016 and I have enjoyed every moment of it. The Eccentric Trilogy is a place where Heather, Shani and myself can voice our literary opinions of books of all genres and share our creative writing skills with the public.
I am currently coming to the end of my education at school and hope to be a student at the University of Surrey, studying a joint BA degree of English Literature and Creative Writing. Yes, more English craziness for me!
I have been a keen writer since a young age with a dream of one day becoming a successful author, however my love for reading came slightly later, my passion for literature mainly stemmed from when I read Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer around the age of twelve. Okay I know what you're thinking this is so cliché, but it's the truth, I swear. Although I'm not as engrossed in the saga as I was when I was younger, I am still feeling thankful as the series got me hooked on reading, and highlighted that this is a genre that I would love to write and explore in my future writing.
My favourite authors are (at the moment, as they change constantly) Sarah. J. Maas, who is mostly known for writing A Court of Thorns and Roses books and Throne of Glass. Margaret Atwood, the author who I’m currently obsessed with, and if you love feminist writing go and read The Handmaid’s Tale.
Now, for writers who will be emailing us over time, I personally don’t particularly like the horror, thriller or crime fiction genres – but my co-bloggers do, so you’ll most likely be passed onto them. However, I do love to read: young adult fiction, fantasy, romance, science-fiction, historical fiction and contemporary books within those genres.


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