Thursday, 9 November 2017

Death's Laughter

Hey guys! Its Lydia! I know it's been over two weeks since I last posted, I really need to write it in my phone (she says while forgetting to remind herself). Anyway this is the last piece I had to write my creative writing module at university. Hope you like it! 

Is life fixed in birth? Soft to age’s jowl -
Bundled light from womb, and then stamped in black. 
Wicked and wayward Death, to feel no foul -
But only gleeful springs that build our plaque.
Greyness of moments creep, in waking dreams
That you and I, simply sweeting, mortal.
Deep crowfeet lines and veracious streams,
Fading thoughts alone to feed Deaths chortle.
Yet, please let this not fill life’s fragile mind.
Don’t exist to plenty in Ends appeal.
Think only of loves laugh or sunshine kind,
Gulp its fresh water, clutch a steady steal.
Soon to be dead in thinking of the tomb,
Life is hard. Will you spend its gift in gloom?