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Hello there! We've been receiving some emails and comments lately from people requesting book reviews. If you're interested in having your book reviewed - or if you've read a book and want to know what we think about it, then please do email us and submit a Google Forms. Whilst we cannot guarantee that the book will be reviewed on the day, we'll try to get a piece as soon as possible. Sadly we cannot respond to all our requests, so if you don't receive a reply then you'll either be responded to later when time is more convenient or turned down if the content doesn't appeal to any of us.

To submit your book, please fill out this form:
Google Forms

We much prefer to use Google Forms as it means we can see all the relevant information quickly.

If you are unable to access Google Forms or want to email us about anything else, please use this address:

WE DO NOT REVIEW EROTICA  (aside from that, any genres are welcome!)

If you do have a free pdf or copy of the book, then sending that would be very useful. We'll try and get back to you by the end of the week latest, but please do understand that we're a team of three students (Lydia, Shani and Heather) so it can get pretty hectic!

Our policy is that by asking us to review your book, you are in full understanding that we will state our honest opinions. Please be aware that this means that your book may be criticised. If you do not feel comfortable with having elements of your book commented on in a negative light then do not send it to us. That being said, we will of course also write positive parts and all our reviews are meant purely in a constructive manner, not hurtful. If you would like us to circulate our reviews onto other websites, please do say so in your email and/or google forms. We'll normally double check after writing our review that you want to proceed with posting the review elsewhere.

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