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Hello there! We've been receiving some emails and comments lately from people requesting book reviews. If you're interested in having your book reviewed - or if you've read a book and want to know what we think about it, then please do email us. Whilst we cannot guarantee that the book will be reviewed quickly, we'll try to get a piece as soon as possible. Sadly we cannot read all of the wonderful books we're sent and do reserve the right to decline reviewing a book. If you want to contact us, please do the following:

1. Check out our 'Introducing Us' page and pick ONE reviewer who you think would be best suited. Put their name in the subject line of your email. If you think your book could be of interest to more than one reviewer, please mention other reviewers on our blog in your email (that way if one of us is particularly busy or we feel it would appeal more to them, we can easily forward it to that reviewer).

2. Please include in your email the genre of text, title, author, publisher (please specify if your work is self-published), year of publication, whether you'd like the review posted on Goodreads and Amazon, and a basic plot summary. 

3. Send your email to:  

4. Wait. It can take a while for us to read emails because we do spend a fair amount of time studying. Whilst we do read every email we are sent we cannot reply to all of them. If we're interested in reviewing your book we'll email you back. From here we'll either ask for a paperback or pdf version of your novel.

Our policy is that by asking us to review your book, you are in full understanding that we will state our honest opinions. Please be aware that this means that your book may be criticised. If you do not feel comfortable with having elements of your book commented on in a negative light then do not send it to us. That being said, we will of course also write positive parts and all our reviews are meant purely in a constructive manner, not hurtful.

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  1. Hi Lydia or Shani,
    Are you still accepting book reviews requests, including self-published? If so, would you consider my children’s Middle Grade Historical/Speculative novel, featuring a strong and feisty female mc?
    Jeff Bolinger,,
    Title: Foiled
    Author: Carey Fessler (Pen name)
    Author Bio: I live in Melbourne, Australia and have self-published four MG Action/Suspense novels: - formatSelectorHeader
    Genre: Children’s Middle Grade (ages 9-12) - Historical/Speculative/Action. 246 pgs

    Publication date: 2015
    Formats: (ePub, Mobi)
    In 1947, two Roswell children obtain a piece of alien technology and become fugitives.
    Back Cover Blurb:
    It’s 1947 on a U.S. Army base near Roswell, New Mexico, and eleven-year-old Kate’s friend and neighbor, Billy, shows her a secret.
    A CIA agent arrives at Billy’s house, to recover the Top Secret items, and threatens the family, warning them to never talk about the incident—ever!
    Special Agent Falco informs them of their sudden reassignment to Germany. Billy, not wanting to move to Germany or return his treasures, begs Kate for help. Feisty and fiercely loyal, she agrees to hide him.
    Thus begins a most unusual road trip in which the two friends use their wits, their knowledge of the terrain and geography around the base, and sheer determination to evade capture. Kate must also reach her grandfather, more than two hundred miles away, and warn him how the secret poses a dangerous threat … to anyone involved.
    Their race has begun, and there’s no turning back.
    Kind regards,