Thursday, 23 March 2017

Loot Crate Design – Tolkien Dream Crate

Hello everyone! Today we're doing something a bit different; we were inspired by Loot Crate ( to come up with an idea for what we would put in our dream crate. Loot Crate offers a monthly box of fandom related products for us geeks and nerds for a set price. Our idea for the Dream Crate was to follow a Tolkien theme.

The first product within our crate is a Pop Vinyl of Gandalf – every Tolkien fan’s favourite wizard. This adorable design appeals to everyone fond of Tolkien; it can sit on your bookshelf or be a part of a collection.  

Next in our crate would be a phone case with a Tolkien based design, for instance this one from Red Bubble by YesImObsessed. Loot Crate permits you to select the options that apply to you – so it’d be easy to ensure the phone case was appropriate for your phone.

We also loved this sweatshirt from, which features a Middle Earth map to locate your inner nerd lies. The sweatshirt is unisex and the size can be selected to fit you perfectly and make a nice addition to your wardrobe. It’ll be sure to keep you warm on your next quest!

Another item in our crate is this leather journal notebook with the Tree of Gondor on it. This is available on Etsy by the seller WolfPathStudio. This item is perfect for sketching, writing, journaling or as a planner or even a dream diary.

Also on Etsy is this gorgeous quote poster! It would probably not include the frame as this may be a safety risk for sending the crate. It has an iconic quote from the series with a map background.

If you need a place to store your books, here it is! With Bilbo’s door on the front, it is a powerful design from Redbubble user KanaHyde that all hobbits need.

A necessity for all Tolkien fanatics is the ring of course. You can wear this precious ring by your heart to embrace your inner Gollum.

Thank you Loot Crate for giving us the opportunity to design a Dream Crate – it’s been a fun experience for us all. If you want to check out the crates currently on offer, please see their website; for more details! Their crates vary from Harry Potter to Marvel to Anime. Comment below to let us know what you'd put in your crate.

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