Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Always Listening

Hey guys! It's Lydia here. Sorry it's been so long since I last posted, its been a real slog with all the mocks. But there over now so I will hopefully be posting more frequently! Enjoy this weeks creative writing shindizzle from me :)

A warm heat surrounded my body, and a kind hand stroked my head and glided along my back, and I lent into its soft touch. The darkness lulled me asleep, along with a child’s voice speaking sweet music, and in response a grateful grumble erupted from my chest.

The humming and twittering of birds awoke me, and the cold hush of the wind made me stand upright. I turned my head to see the house behind and almost decided to venture inside, but the bleak dark windows spoke otherwise.  I prowled along the wooden fence, quietly listening. My ears twitched as the slam of a door sounded behind me.

My stomach wined in desperation, but no human call beckoned me for food. The world began to swirl into black and white visions, as my body ushered into focus. Only one thought remained in my mind now.

I jumped, pushing off with my back legs, bracing myself for the prickly grass. The green embraced my form and camouflaging me. I scanned between the thin threads, then engulfed the scent of a little creature. The smell of earth mixed with musk filled my nose and heated my blood. I could almost feel its wet flesh on my tongue and bones cracking against my teeth. I stretched my limbs forward, one in front of the other, kissing the ground with my silence as I moved closer.

Feed was all I thought, kill was all imagined as I saw the mouse nibbling away at a berry. It didn’t even suspect me closing in on its life. Edging nearer and nearer. It’s steady benign heart thudding inside its body reverberated in my ears. My mouth opened slightly in readiness to thrust my fangs around its neck.

Only two inches away, I slowly emerged through the grass about to clasp its body in my claws, but a sharp shrill scream broke my silence. The mouse’s head pricked up and it began to hastily scuttle away, but I launched out my leg and trapped the creature in a cage of claws.

I peered at the beast through the sharp bars; it quaked and shivered in the shadowed corner. It stared at me with small dark eyes, pleaded with me to let it go. But I was so hungry. It continued to hold my gaze, asking and silently begging me to retract my claws. He spoke through his unreeling look to set me free.

I twinge of pain coursed through my gut, and I slowly unclenched my claws from the mud. The mouse instantly scurried away and buried itself deep and safe underground, where I could not follow.

I gloomily walked towards the house. A deep voice erupted from the brick walls.

“How dare you!” the voice flamed. 

A low thud and crack followed, and then a whimpering cry sounded from another.

I entered the house and the flip clap of the cat flap was the only sound I heard. I turned the corner into the kitchen and saw the body of a little girl huddled in the darkest corner. Annie saw me and stretched out her fingers that called me forward. Her once smiling face and joyful eyes were swollen and sore, purple and grey blemishes blotched her head and cheeks, and clear water leaked from her distance blue eyes.

“Hello my beautiful boy,” she croaked.

I stared into her face, the light once shone there was lost and irretrievable amongst the dark liquid that dripped from her nose and smudged her skin. Yet she still scooped me up into her arms, scratched my chin and spoke into my fur, “I think its dinner time Benny, don’t you?”

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