Monday, 14 August 2017

I am Wonder

Hey guys! It's Lydia here! I wrote this poem a few days ago. This is for anyone who has felt self doubt and worthlessness, and especially since exam results will be released very soon. I know its difficult, and I myself struggle with self belief. Writing this poem made me feel powerful and needed, and not purposeless.

Mist is all around – a suffocation of success.
The white contortions pushing deep,
Deep under nameless graves.
I am nobody. I mean nothing – they all whisper.

A thrashing waterfall, cold droplets like tiny daggers,
Weighing on back.
Metal threads pierce veins, bating to rise.
I am nobody. I mean nothing – she whispers.

Great folds of ivy, cursing, snapping and growing.
Rippling claws swipe at limps,
A monster of spitting green poison, a driving darkness.
I am nobody. I mean nothing – he whispers.

Cages of bone – the scentless persons of defeat.
Bound in mistakes and endless questions.
A silent jet of disbelief.
I am nobody. I am nothing – they repeat.

It takes a flicker. To change, to jump, to run.
One thought in ignition – to become possibilities.
An infinite candle in conceiving wonder.
Rising in simplicity, climbing shadows to swallow wholeness,
Feeding the wax of hearts.
I am someone. I mean everything. I feel wonder – they all scream.  

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