Monday, 31 July 2017


Hey guys, its Lydia here! I was trying to challenge myself to write a poem a week to keep up my creativity for university, but me being lazy didn't write anything last week. So now I must discipline myself, so I will be writing two poems this week to make up for last week. I hope you guys like this one.
I'm also posting my poems on my Tumblr account, search for Literature-addict and give me a follow.

Connection hums in the air,
Both hairs a flow of dark auburn,
And sapphire eyes stare in knowing recognition.
Identical voices, low and considering in passing questions,
Although polite, answering is plain and shallow.

An ignorant bond is known under crust,
Trying to push a paternal union.
But nothing can break an infinite void
Of infant screams unanswered, or grasping invisible palms –
With collection of missed calls, and promises unkept.

They felt the half-hearted appreciation, and struggling affection,
That showed in limp hugs and simple birthday cards -
That is never breathed, neither timeless bare concert seats, and the distant voice of bedtime stories.

Same hot blood revealed impersonal silences
Then only faded knowledge of each other.
Cherished love and kindness might be seen by acquaintances,

Yet time saw cold strangers.

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